May 23, 2023

Tell™ Social Media App Integrates OpenAI’s GPT Model Generative Artificial Intelligence Feature for All Verified Physicians and Providers

Health-focused social media app Tell™ leverages OpenAI’s GPT model to help physicians generate engaging health content and empower general users with equitable access to understandable medical information

CHICAGO, May 23, 2023 (PR NEWSWIRE) -- Tell Health Inc., creator of health-focused social media app Tell™, today announced the launch of its new generative artificial intelligence (AI) feature for physicians following an integration with OpenAI’s API.  With this new feature, physicians and other verified providers can easily convert complex medical jargon into language that is straightforward and accessible by the general public. This feature will benefit physicians by accelerating the content creation process and will empower general users with equitable access to trustworthy health information regardless of their medical knowledge.

“Complex medical jargon can oftentimes deter people from seeking health information from actual physicians and researchers, and instead those users may turn to influencers with no medical training. Our responsible integration of the GPT model into Tell™ solves this problem on both ends, so physicians can quickly ‘translate’ their medical content into everyday language for optimal health conversations,” said Tell™ Co-Founder and practicing physician Alan Gaffney, M.D., Ph.D. “As we continue to realize the potential of artificial intelligence in the medical community, we must remain vigilant in curbing the spread of medical misinformation.”

“Our goal is to make Tell™ the world’s go-to source of trusted health information, and we want to ensure our platform fosters equitable and inclusive access to critical health information and trending medical topics. Integrating the GPT model into Tell™ is an important step to ensure content from physicians, providers, and researchers can be understood across broad audiences,” said Tell™ Strategic Advisor Lindsey Iannucci. “Our continued focus on inclusivity will help us reach new audiences, address health disparities regarding access to health information, and break down barriers that may have prevented people from seeking care in the past.”

Tell™ is free to join in the App Store and Google Play. Healthcare providers are encouraged to join and to apply for Verified Provider status.  For more information on Tell™, please visit

About Tell™

Tell™ is a social media app connecting respected and verified health experts with the public to share their knowledge for the benefit of everyone, everywhere. Founded by a physician and an engineer, Tell™ is on a mission to be the world's go-to source for trusted health information while curbing the increasing spread of health misinformation online.