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Connect with patients, general users, and peers to share and discuss trustworthy health information on Tell®. Designed to combat the spread of medical misinformation.

Share your expertise with an engaged audience

Post publicly
Only healthcare professionals can post, creating a professional social media space
Recommend posts
Clinical experts can recommend content from fellow healthcare professionals
Take back control of comments
Moderate comments to ensure discussions remain medically accurate
Target your audience
Depending on the topic, you can post to other providers, the general public, or just your own patients

Leverage the power of generative AI

Simplify your content
Make your posts understandable by everyone by quickly editing text that has medical or scientific jargon
Add hashtags
Make your content more discoverable by adding appropriate hashtags

Connect with your patients anytime, anywhere

Easy access to your patients and their families
Send secure messages directly to patients and their authorized representatives
One-way messaging
Send important health alerts and messages out quickly to your patients
Two-way discussions
Open time-limited, two-way conversations with your patients
Protect your privacy
Message without revealing your phone number or email address
Mobile and Desktop
Access the Tell® platform on any device
Secure and HIPAA compliant
Your Tell® account is as secure as your bank account


How do I register as a Clinician?

Download the Tell® app on your mobile device. Create a personal account and then set up a Provider Account from your Profile settings. You will need to register with an email address associated with your institution, university, or private practice for verification purposes.

What are public posts?

Clinicians, whose license to practice has been verified, can post to the entire Tell® community including general users, peers, and your patients. Providers can also select to limit their posts to specific audiences.

Can patients contact me through the app?

Patients cannot contact you via the app. However, if you would like to get responses from your own patients you can open a time-limited Discussion with the recipients of any of your private messages.

Will patients see my mobile number?

No. Patients can only see your name, profession, specialty and photo that you set up in your profile.

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