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A social platform where patients connect with any healthcare provider, and share information with their family.
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I have tried several other communication tools, but none is as easy and efficient as Tell Health
Associate Professor - Northwestern University
Medical School
Families are telling us they love it
It was very comforting for my wife to get messages
Family member


Is it free?

Yes, Tell Health is free for every person and every individual healthcare provider.

Can I ask my provider to use it?

Yes. You can ask any provider to download Tell Health and send you messages.

Can I contact a provider through the app?

Please reach out to your provider using their office contact information. You cannot respond to their messages through the app. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or 112.

Can I share messages from my Providers with my family?

Yes. Messages can be shared with whomever you choose. All you need is their mobile phone number.

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