How Direct-to-Consumer Technologies are Transforming Digital Healthcare

How Direct-to-Consumer Technologies are Transforming Digital Healthcare
November 11, 2021
Annie Zhang

Healthcare technologies sold directly to consumers have become increasingly popular in the age of COVID-19. What makes direct-to-consumer technologies so appealing?

  1. They empower consumers.
    By having open access to their personalized medical records, customers hold the power to take charge of their health on their own terms and make informed decisions about their own health.
  2. They're easily accessible.
    With few barriers to owning these products, healthcare has become more accessible. For instance, 85% of Americans own a smartphone. Free mobile applications such as Tell Health’s are leveraging the technology that people already use so that they can access personalized care and educational information at their fingertips.
  3. They address unmet patient needs.
    These technologies assist people who are unable to receive consistent healthcare treatment, such as those who are low-income or live far from a doctor. For instance, mobile health applications allow patients to receive relevant, clear and concise information from their healthcare providers in the comfort of their homes instead of making expensive trips to the hospital.

Tell Health has created a free consumer application that enables patients to receive informal, jargon-free messages from doctors and other healthcare providers. The platform bridges the communication gap between providers and patients and allows patients to receive critical healthcare information in an accessible way. To learn more, check out